Your Business as a Service
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Your Business as a Service

Achieve profitable growth with technology services and subscriptions

In the age of customers, the acceleration of new consumption models is disrupting the business models of technology providers. Those who transformed themselves by taking on the new are not selling products but outcomes. DefineX can support you in making this pivot.

You deserve to be better!

Better business strategy. Better operating model. Better culture. Better technical capabilities.

Strategic Advising
    Collaborate, discuss and strategize your company vision with our experts.
Transformation Acceleration
    Access a well-maintained library of business challenges, capabilities, KPIs, and questionnaires for ten core domains of a technology service provider.
360° Delivery
    Deliver services through an integrated scale to address pain points across the various stages of the advise-build-run life cycle.
Deep Technical Insight
    Benefit from a strong technology team specialized in designing and implementing next-generation architectures for leading European clients.
We have developed models to help enterprises walk through this journey and reach the intended business outcomes.

Recreating your business in our changing world

Better service offer portfolios
  • Learn to design, create, and price new XaaS offers
  • Avoid unnecessary costs of partnership, internal costs and other fees
  • Monetize your XaaS offers
  • Design an optimal product organization
  • Develop the required technology capabilities for accelerated product adoption and expansion
Well-articulated service delivery
  • Design your customer success organization for better user adoption
  • Learn effective ways of managing professional services resources
  • Model your training services, professional services, managed services, and support services according to the best practices of the subscription economy
  • Understand the KPIs to monitor for successful service delivery
Healthy and profitable growth
  • Learn how to sell outcome-based or subscription offers
  • Increase customer lifetime revenue
  • Handle frictionless and automated renewal
  • Redefine your compensation models Optimize and grow channel programs
How we can help?

Through our unique methodology, we rebuild:


  • Opportunity definition
  • Strategic roadmap
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Business case

Business Model

  • Business model canvas
  • Offer portfolio definition and roadmap


  • Domain-driven business challenges
  • Business capability model
  • Capability heatmap

Operating Model

  • Target operating model
  • Target skill and organizational model
  • Performance metrics to measure and track

Process and technology

  • Technology architecture blueprint
  • Target technology capabilities and guiding principles
  • Target business processes

Like Legos, you can select the most suitable building block for the specific business need from these services. Altogether, our approach offers a journey from being a product-oriented supplier to a business partner with customers.

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