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About the Book

Understanding Technical Debt - Your Guide to Navigating in the Age of Digital Disruption

While serving various leading multinational clients in different industries and many countries, Beltan Tönük encountered technical debt numerous times. Having felt it deeply during his 20+ years of career, he read and studied the concept, collaborated with his colleagues, shared ideas to gain further insight. He distilled all his experience and perspectives on the book: “Understanding Technical Debt - Your Guide to Navigating in the Age of Digital Disruption”.

The book is structured as:

• What is technical debt?
• Navigating through the IT Discontinuity Model
• Types and characteristics of technical debt
• Why does technical debt happen?
• What should you pay attention to in the context of agile delivery?
• And various solutions and approaches to different technical debt problems

In this book, Beltan Tönük makes a compelling argument for why corporate management teams must learn to overcome communication and expectations issues with colleagues in technical departments and provides constructive guidelines for achieving a healthier relationship and sustainable future for their organizations.


In the new world, where technology and digitalization are determining the competitiveness of a company, Beltan is neatly elaborating on technical debt in order to guide the next generation CEOs. Technical bankruptcy is a hidden but powerful threat for companies.


Beltan Tonk

About the Author

Beltan Tönük is a practitioner at DefineX, responsible for the technology group that specializes in the strategy, planning, design, and implementation of enterprise-wide IT systems and architectures.

He also acts as the chief architect and scrum master for the engineering projects built in DefineX Labs.

Before joining DefineX in 2019, he spent around 20 years at Accenture, where he joined as a fresh graduate right out of university and left as a Managing Director in the Technology Group. He served various leading multi-national clients in telecommunications, financial services, retail, and the energy industry in many countries. During his tenure, he shaped, architected, managed, and delivered large-scale enterprise-wide transformation programs, and improved productivity through various industrialization programs.

He is graduated from Middle East Technical University and also holds an MBA degree from the same university.

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