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In well-defined and proven methodologies, we offer tailored solutions to our clients’ business agendas.

Leveraging on our consulting and technology capabilities, we are pioneering an innovative approach in new generation consultancy business. We bring together teams of seasoned professionals from cross-functional skills and industry expertise to solve the most pressing business problems that companies are facing today. In well-defined and proven methodologies, we offer tailored solutions to our clients’ business agendas. DefineX teams are comprised of business strategists, service designers, UX&UI designers, technology consultants, digital marketers, solution architects, data engineers and software developers.

A Sales First Approach to Digital

Leveraging your digital channels in a smart and well-thought manner is critical for generating revenues. We follow a value-oriented and results-driven approach to help you unleash all sales potential from digital channels.

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Your Bank from Distrupted to Distrupter

If you are considering taking your place among the next generation banking players, there are various steps you need to consider. Creating a robust digital platform is the key enabler in this journey. Re-inventing yourself as a disruptor requires incorporating new capabilities into the technology architecture. We help you to transform your architecture so that you can stay on top of your game.

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The Digital Workspace

In the era of home-offices, neo banks and new technologies such as metaverse, digital developments have affected companies successfully for cost reduction and service channels expansion; but advisory capabilities left behind. With DefineX’s industry and tech capabilities, Digital Workspace – a value rich solution for digitally mature customers is presented by our smartest teams.

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Your Business as a Service

In the age of customers, the acceleration of new consumption models (XaaS) is disrupting the business models of technology providers. The journey from being a product-oriented supplier to a business partner of customers is going to determine whether you will be a victim or beneficiary of this disruption. This is a fundamental change as what you sell will not be products anymore, but outcomes; products being the delivery medium of the outcome. Some companies started to make this pivot, but most are lagging. It is time to act.

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